" A life is never finished when it can be picked up and lived again in the written word."

But too often, one dies leaving no journal or personal writings, no mark of personality or character, no hint of whom he truly was. Those seeking to rediscover that life after a hundred or more years search for clues in photographs, histories, census or church records, and cemeteries. Sometimes, they may be lucky enough to encounter someone who knew that loved one, or perhaps run across a mentioning of them in another's journal or history. Carefully, the researcher attempts to assemble the bits of information, much as one putting together a jigsaw puzzle without a picture to follow. The parts may not all be in the right place, but the image of a person emerges, bringing to the seeker an understanding of the significance of a life lived long ago.

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Hi, if you've come to this website, we must be related! We have a host of histories, pictures, newsletters and other information on many family lines.

Some ancestor names include James Stapleton Lewis, John and Weighty Lewis, David Lewis, Lemuel Lewis, Charles Monroe Gray, Stephen Baxter, John Young Stephenson, James Stephenson, Francillo Durfee, George Felt, William Aird, John Rooker, John and Caroline Hopkins Clark, Rosel Hyde Hunter and Eugene Emery.

I hope you will want to share any pictures, histories, or information that you have on our ancestors. You can contact me directly or start a topic on one of the forums! Hope to hear from you.
Your cousin, Janis Durfee